Online is rarely sublime

January 29, 2021

Online is rarely sublime
We love the internet at , and over the 24 years , we have learnt to adapt , deal with the problems , which there are many and perhaps more important the massive amount of expensive costly hard work .
Its saving our bacon during hard times , most of our dealers selling approx. half turnover, of course some doing a lot better as their goods work well for online.
However , one thing is for sure , and bear in mind we don't really sell Rembrandts , most of our stock online £30 to £300 shop stock £1 to £8500 . Who ever said the high street is dead , is wrong , very wrong ? The key is to make you're shop or town a destination , somewhere you can shop at leisure and maybe have elevenses, lunch or afternoon tea.  Hence why Top Banana Antiques works so well, big enough to make worthwhile , huge range of stock , 25 rooms 5 floors . With the added bonus of many other good quality shops in town both antiques and clothes, delicatessens etc.
We have great places to stay , and visit in the local area, we make the high street a living vibrant place, many regulars coming to stay in local hotels to have a mini break and shop with us, stating daily that Top Banana Antiques Mall is their favourite shop 

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