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Nows the time to make a change you promised youre self during lockdown contemplation

September 03, 2020

Nows the time to make a change you promised youre self during lockdown contemplation

We are busy, we really are, during lockdown we sold hard online with new website, since opening redone our fab cabinet room, all sales have increased 3 new dealers, 9 have joined now since start up all doing well. New picture gallery starting this week and Peter Dyke is doing so well he has doubled his selling space.

One of our best downstairs room due to serious illness has come up, Ash our former dealer has been with us 12 years, even in last month did brilliantly for them unfortunately his wife Ange passed " I have loved my time here and have done really well. We both appreciate what you have done for us but without Ange my hearts not in it ".

We sold almost every day for the couple, its a real blow to all of us and we will miss them both.

Its a ground floor room, big can be split into 2 spaces, it has high ceiling so you can hang lights etc lots of wall space and secure, good lights and cameras, you can paint what you like, and flooring to suit, one month contracts easy in easy out, be warned most people if they work there rooms stay along time, we have no date line, we dont mind vintage, love antiques, hate repro.

We are selling well great footfall, on website there is list of dealers ask them yourselves, we are busy, we have and are continuing to invest in our shop and our dealers and our staff, 2 new salesmen taken on.

Have a go, be warned antiques are seriously addictive and a great way to make a living.

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