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Not your standard poodle

April 30, 2021

Not your standard poodle

Sweet original granitic staffordshire poodle groups c1860.

A good way of spotting a real staffordshire figure is that it has a small blow hole about 3 mm across on back or bottom if it has no home or large hole like 2 pence coin or bigger most likely a fake or later copy.

One more tell tale sign is if there is no glaze on the bottom of figure, as this is a quicker method of firing to get volume fired through the kilns.

Not all staffordshire figures were made in staffordshire itself a lot were made in Portabello part of Edinburgh and some of the large hollow lions and cats with glass eyes were made in Bowness in Cumbria. These tend to be c1900 and have a 1 inch blow hole as made by using a slip cast mold, unlike early staffordshire figures which used to be made from pushing clay into a mold hence why early figure tend to be solid and heavier.

Fun to collect and coming back into the forefront of collecting as prices have fallen a lot in the last 20 years making staffordshire figures far more affordable again.

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