No need to be frightened

July 08, 2021

No need to be frightened

That's why we are called Top Banana Antiques Mall, meaning we don't take ourselves to seriously, buying and selling antiques is meant to be fun. We make it fun, weather buying in the shop or our website.

Web sales are dealt with quickly and efficiently, in house all our dealers have to do is bring us a consistent flow of quality well priced antiques.

You and your kids (we love dogs even more) can spend all day in our shop, better still come in the morning, have lunch in town, and then come back and collect your purchases.

There will be no one to pester you, or 99% of time you wont be asked if you need help, why because if you did you would ask for it, browsing is fine and at your pace, many people have been found in book room reading or even 40 winks between pages.

We are truly approachable, we are glad to explain about things if asked, looking forward to see you. Pink hair, no hair, tattoos, big small, large or tiny any age (many of our regulars are teenagers collecting antiques now) really we stock serious antiques to trendy vintage and almost everything in between.

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