Never really tried surfing, other than the net

April 26, 2021

Never really tried surfing, other than the net

However feel running Top Banana Antiques is similar, often one runs along on the crest of a wave shop all full, all happy sailors of the good ship banana, then suddenly waves and even rocks appear out of nowhere, and the previous happy crew looses one or two of its ranks.

We rode through the choppy waters of lockdown really very well, due to our fantastic website, we were able to maintain 50%  turnover no mean feat especially selling online some large pictures and items of china all needing careful handling and packing, there have been been due to illness 3 losses of good dealers from the shop, which is a pain, as good dealers are what makes Top Banana Antiques Mall.

Whilst there have been some robust discussions due the dealers selling too much whilst taking the commission only option whilst closed. Most particularity since reopening of our crew are very happy, the furniture boys and girls are selling again, as they were the hardest hit through lockdown.

Its great to be back open, it really is, the shops vibrant and busy, people are bringing items in to sell and we are keen to buy, and in turn happy to sell on for a small gain to both trade and retail alike. Still over 50% of what we sell goes back into the trade.

Looking forward to meeting you all again as are the boys.


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