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Nearly over the Lock Down fallout.

May 09, 2021

Nearly over the Lock Down fallout.

We have pretty well managed not to fall out with any of our standholders, however keeping nearly 60 small business afloat during 3 lockdowns has not been easy, not been easy at all.

Thank goodness out esteemed leaders saw fit to invest in the website as this allowed nearly half turnover to be achieved whilst shut was a fair achievement. Of course some goods such as furniture and books and large heavy glass and china do not lend themselves to posting via online sales. We offered all our dealers a commission only option to help through this last very long lockdown. The staff really pitched in too working their socks off on our dealers behalf as no furlough option for them, and we in turn paid them on nearly full hours.

We now have lost 5 dealers, one given notice due to 2 months rent arrears, one through fear and misreading future business, and 3 through illness, including our house clearer who had a fabulous business and 3 rooms and 3 cabinets big boots to fill.

Now all rented except for one attic room and one shelf unit and cabinet wise one on ground floor one on first floor, so come join the fun, we are doing well, steady well , not a manic flash in the pan well.

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