Mocha - collectors cup of tea

November 14, 2020

Mocha - collectors cup of tea

Mocha, not a cup of coffee, but often mugs, & jugs .

These were utilitarian every day wares made from creamware china & pottery, tough and hard wearing, used for pub measure ie pint half pint mugs and jugs for milk etc.

Dating from 1790 to 1920, most are around the 1820 to 1840, early example had a worm like design made from a tube of glaze been forced in a scrolling circle onto unglazed mugs etc, or others had cats eye on them, geometric patterns, or the simple but classic one had hand blown trees on them, these were literally a blob of ink blown wet onto pottery, and a mixture of urine, yes urine was used to make the ink flow and spread onto the pottery.

Rare to find perfect if ever, some damage is acceptable sometimes pieces can be huge like large jugs and bowls, the US market if very strong for these items like so many antiques the more common pieces were everywhere now you see a handful a year.

China and pottery has fallen out of fashion in the last 20 years but we know it coming back with a vengeance as item now are such good value even everyday items like blue willow meat plates are selling well and staffordshire figures great decoration.

The picture has a good example of a pint mug with rare cats eyes.

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