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Love, Pearls And Weddings.

June 18, 2019

Love, Pearls And Weddings.

As the Wedding Season is in Full swing here in the UK, we at Top Banana would like to draw your attention to some Myths and folktales that surround the precious gem of the sea, The Pearl.

Some of these ancient myths symbolise how important these gems were in old civilizations. In Japan it was believed that the tears of mythical creatures like nymphs, mermaids and angels created pearls. During ancient Greek days it was believed that pearls were the god's tears and it was also believed that a woman wearing pearls on her wedding day, it would stop her from crying.

The tradition of brides wearing pearls on their wedding days is said to have started in the middle ages as both Hindu and Christians regarded pearls as the religious symbol of purity and became sacred items.Hindu Folklore describes pearls as drops of dew that dropped from the sky during nighttime, inot the moonlit Ocean. It's said that Krishna pulled the very first pearl from the sea. He then presented it to Pandaia, his daughter on the day of her wedding. His wedding gift was a symbol of Purity, Love and Union and is believed to be one of the earliest accounts of weddings and pearls.

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