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Looking through the Rainbow, Collecting Glass.

June 30, 2017

Looking through the Rainbow, Collecting Glass.

The history of glass stretches back millenia, the method of turning sand into beautiful objects was familiar to the Ancient Egyptians and the Romans.  In those days and for many centiuries after a vessle in glass was considered a luxury item, and a way of showing a persons rank and wealth

 Perfume bottles have been found in tombs in Egypt, a tradition brought into the 20th century especially  in the 20's and 30's with some highly desirable pieces made by Lalique.

The range of items made in glass is endless,  always having a mystique hence the superstition of breaking a mirror causing seven years bad luck, probably due to the fact mirrors very a very expensive item, a preseve of the very rich.

Venetian glass pieces are still very much sought after, the fame of this glass having endured for centuries.  The heat and danger of fire was recognised in Venice, hence the glass production very early on being relegated to Murano island, thus preserving the safety of the City.

Early drinking glasses are now highly sought after, we are lucky to have as one of our resident dealers an expert in glass, Jeanette Hayhust, a well respected member of the British Antiques Dealers Association.  She always has a selection of antique glass of all kinds, including rare survivals from the 18th century as well as art glass from the 20th century.

The collecting of Art Glass from the 19th to the late 20th century has also been made popular with well known names such as Lalique, Whitefriars and Orrefors.


If you wish to start a collection or merely want to find a nice Decanter for a Wedding present there is no better place to look than Top Banana, were we have many dealers who have glass objects from all periods to the present day.



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