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It's Childs Play

June 21, 2017

It's Childs Play

We all remember the excitement of going into a toy shop when we were very young, nowadays there are many adult collectors that have managed to retain that spark and the excitement by collecting Vintage and Antique playthings from the past.

Some of the items were home made by clever Fathers, Mothers or Grandfathers, brightly coloured and skilfully made like the large and small horses and carts and the skittles in the picture, they never loose their appeal.  Commercially made pieces such as painted tin cars take us straight back to the period that thay were made.

There are so many diverse collecting fields within this subject from simply painted Victorian wooden Dutch Dolls dressed from scraps at home, to the well known Triang toys that enhanced every toyshop window in the 50s and 60s.

Whatever your interest or age, one of the collecting fields within this huge subject is bound to please and amuse.

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