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Is this junk or cutting edge vintage, I have no eye deer

November 28, 2021

Is this junk or cutting edge vintage, I have no eye deer

No eye deer, sorry could not resist the joke, however the sentiment is true, I have been in this business 43 years, some of our dealers even more.

Now young Nathan of Nat James & Sons, is 26 years old, and whether we like it or not most likely the future of the business, now I may be wrong, but I doubt if he would know what a vinaigrette is let alone a Canterbury or a Mott spoon. Whilst I cringe sometimes at what he chooses to add to our website, however, I feel that its good to have a fresh breath of air and a different perspective on whats what, and one thing is for sure, I used to listen to old men with beards going on about brass candlesticks which whilst over 200 years old where worth hundreds and now are hard to sell at often even tenners.

So, its vital that we listen to and value these young dealers and perhaps more importantly realise that a deer group from the 1970's is 50 years old, when I started they laughed at Art Deco, so maybe a bit more latitude and less criticism is the way forward, quality style and design really is whats its all about, we pride ourselves at Top Banana Antiques whilst not allowing repro instead aiming for quality antiques and that we allow youngsters to develop. We have 3 dealers in their twenties and proud of it.

Maybe this is why we are 20 years old next year, out living all the centres that have come and gone in that time, we keep investing in our staff, our premises and our future.

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