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Inclusion is not a bad thing

June 25, 2024

Inclusion is not a bad thing

Apart from as we try to do in today's society include all colour, creeds religions etc. In jewellery inclusions are often looked down on.

As with this jade stone where on the top left there is a small black line. This is called an inclusion. What it is is often precious and semi precious stones are formed from crystals mixing with different element in the ground and then having pressure added, creating a super hard crystal, and then this are cut and polished to make needful and desired jewellery.

Crystals tend to grow in layers as these layers are formed either black or white impurities enter the stone and get trapped.

Now unless you like buying glass or even Cubic Zircona which is a lab grown crystal. One needs inclusions, there are flawless diamonds and justifiably the price is for billionaires, but emeralds for instance must have some inclusions and most stones to a trained eye will contain feathers wispy trails and give some clue to stone been natural and how it has been created.

We will cover further details in future blogs.

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