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In September often people try to avoid the "C" word

September 13, 2022

In September often people try to avoid the "C" word

However Christmas is coming whether you like it or not, we love it at Top Banana such fun with fervent shoppers looking for a particular thing for that special or hard to please person.

We notice expectations often change as the big day comes nearer and demands are less specific.

If you want value quality and actually to be unique and different, we are the shop for you, imagine this boxed set on Christmas Day, you had you first two course pudding comes out come the berry spoon, and then ever on-wards nuts and cheese and grapes feeling full already but think of the joy of presenting this to your family Christmas table, using and enjoying something very few others will have.

This is the joy of antiques and vintage, quality useful items that the Jones don't even know about and this will be around in use for another 100 years too no batteries required, no global warming no carbon footprint. We all need to think like this as really my grandchildren may well be living in some dystopian desert otherwise, drinking desalinated water and eating palpated food made by a machine. Never seeing a cow or a filed of cabbages.

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