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In our family we have always re-used wrapping paper

December 31, 2021

In our family we have always re-used wrapping paper

My Grannie put the RE in re-cycling, everything was reused especially food even the bones were given to the sea gulls, my grandfather in the 1970s separated the tins from glass and paper and really pretty well only coal ash went into the ash bin as they called it.

Now we are urged to reuse wrapping paper by the council, we as a trade the antiques business has been making good use of unwanted rubbish for years. Only today brought a chest from a chap whom brought from Top Banana Antiques 10 years ago a chest now want to change and sold it back to us and now no doubt will have a whole new life the item in part stems from the 18th anyway, rather than an IKEA chest that would never stand being moved let alone reused, and not in anyone's wildest dreams would you hope it to last 300 years, I fear 3 years is more like it.

So while we are all fixated with omicron, just think its December, yesterday was 12.5 deg centigrade the weekend meant to 14 to 16 degrees centigrade. Is it me? recall about 3 frosts so far this year. Re-use, re-cycle and really antiques are a brilliant way especially china household items and kitchen stuff. We have a great house clearer in Top Banana Antiques, Nate James & Sons are using china pots as planter with bulbs, herbs and small trees which can be used again and again, we do all need to really get on with think of second uses for all our stuff.

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