if you dont buy you die

June 11, 2021

if you dont buy you die

A well known addage in the antiques trade  , and very true, if new stock doesnt keep flowing, then youre shop becomes dull and dead, and will soon trickle to a full stop.

This is where we score we have 55 active dealers who need to make a living, and know the need to present fresh goods, and even in quieter times not every dealer ( as we have such a range goods ) one of our dealers will be selling.

Anyone who keeps an eye www.topbananaantiques.com will know we do as we preach , and keep the turnover and consisitent through put of fresh stock with new items been added every single day.

We offer a good service 7 days a week, and the boys and the buisness needs maintaining to be striving for improvements, those new replaced carpets dont pay for themselves as dont our new well lit cabinets etc, let alone our website listing.


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