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"I have seen one like mine online at Three Trillion pounds"

November 03, 2023

"I have seen one like mine online at Three Trillion pounds"

Which is marvelous, if true. However see ring pictured from the 1980's or 1990's, ah are you seeing the problem, this ring is a copy of a renaissance ring c1600 and the original rings stemmed as with so many things from the Roman times.

So possibly three trillion might be a OK for a period ring, however a later style one is not the same, and certainly not the same value.

Next prob not always good to beat a player at their own game, i.e. no ones likes being told whats what, let alone overpriced hard to sell goods.

Lastly searching online to find the dearest / most expensive one ever really is not going to work, unless of course you wish to rent a shop with us or open your own website or similar.

As dealers the so called worth of something is relevant but not at all what things are sold for, a specialist will sometimes get a better price for an item but only if meritorious, and more likely on a standard item be cheaper than most.

We are generally part of a chain, often the perception is that an auction house is the end seller and maybe for the odd rarer than rare but the mundane sells for little. Good dealers sell good things for good money, but the better the shop the bigger the costs and therefore the bigger profit margin is needed.

Hopefully some help when selling, we of course are always delighted to buy antiques and decorative items.

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