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How to tell a fake piece of Staffordshire pottery

February 23, 2024

How to tell a fake piece of Staffordshire pottery

There are several giveaways some more oblivious than others.

Firstly all real Staffordshire figures have a small blow hole to rear or item and often early items that were not slip molded had tiny air holes pierced into the more solid bits of pottery like tree limbs etc.

Reproduction ones have large open holes at base to facilitate quick exit of steam, old ones have solid bases.

Weight is another giveaway antique ones are light as china clay slip was used.

Glaze all antique staff is glazed in 3 goes with even the finish fine detail glaze been sealed under a gloss glaze.

Pen-ultimately as with this little fellow if you look at the facial features tend to look non European, as the makers are more often or not from the far east.

Lastly, the bases of the items are unglazed this means they can be moved quickly in and out of the kiln as less time needed to cool before being moved so a rough granitic sandy type base can be felt by rubbing ones hand along.


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