How to get it right Charlie

February 05, 2022

How to get it right Charlie

Often after many moons of running Top Banana Antiques, its nice to see a young dealer like our Charlie making a success of an antiques career.

Up to now hes been using online platforms but like us all knows there is no future in this only making money for giant firms instead of himself.

So hes taken up assistant manager position @topbananaantiques and taken 3 cabinets, filled them with interesting well displayed stock and on the case. Ambitious to shine and quick on the uptake we know we have a superstar in the making.

Charlie now becomes one of 4 dealers under 26 years old at Top Banana Antiques meaning that we have a huge breadth of experience 22 to 84 years of age, helping secure our future as a vibrant and pertinent fun antiques shop, moving with the times.

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