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How To Buy The Best Silver For Investment & Pleasure

July 16, 2020

How To Buy The Best Silver For Investment & Pleasure

If you look at our silver page you will see we sell a lot of fine antique silver. 8 pages to see, this is a very easy way to buy, and all guaranteed but of course not as much fun as coming in to the shop holding, feeling and choosing in the real world, a side note in these Covid-19 times silver is a natural antiseptic.

We are very lucky, we have some very well established lifetime silver dealers such as Piers Rankin formerly of Campden passage, so we can offer our silver antiques with confidence. Our advice is to choose a genre and stick to it, ie an age, maker, style or type of collectable such as sewing, Mike Loveday our specialist sewing dealer offers a nice range at good prices. Personally, I get a lot of satisfaction of looking up makers marks and of course there are some lovely old and rare assay offices such as Newcastle over the next weeks will expand further.

So obviously the older silver items have had a lot more time to suffer wear & tear, things to check for nice clear marks, no old repairs, normally this can be seen by bubbles or similar in the silver tell tale signs where repairs have been done. These are normally in the obvious place such as where a handle joins or spout or where the handle joins the tines of a fork etc. As with all antiques originality, style, design, maker and condition are all important and most silver dealers will pride themselves on selling and supplying good quality items. Get a receipt with full details of what you have brought and file it so if needed, one you have a reference and two for insurance purposes. Ideally keep in a glazed cabinet to lesson tarnish but don't be afraid to use and enjoy the item.

Old silver has such a lovely buttery feel its a pleasure to use, and I suspect most of us don't use a tea pot much now, try you're tea in silver tea pot piping hot and fabulous tasting let alone fresh cream from a silver cream jug poured over fresh raspberries! Most of all enjoy collecting!!

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