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How do you make an antique lacquer bowl

March 21, 2024

How do you make an antique lacquer bowl

Really the process is the same if a bowl or a box, except for one thing. Whilst these bowls are often wood, more often they are made from a straw of bamboo.

Just like when at school making a coil pot out of a roll of clay, one winds the the bamboo around and around fixing in place and then making a bowl shape. Then the seize is applied a thing layer of reinforced plaster, then the hard work starts.

Layer after layer of black paint is applied with a varnish or hardener in solution, up to 300 plus layers slowly the bowls appears with the depth of lacquer.

Finally in this case a gold layer of lacquer is applied and then the final highly detailed decoration is hand painted then in turn this is sealed under many layers of clear varnish. Taking months to do. have visited these factories and the more effort the more quality. Japanese been amongst the top producers of lacquer with often the finest work, but Vietnam, Chain, Russia and Thailand, all produce lacquer ware.

This bowl less than hundred pounds and months of work with top top quality butterfly decoration Megji period c1890.


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