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Hard to believe but actually garden time is nearly here

February 12, 2021

Hard to believe but actually garden time is nearly here

Add instant class and quality and uniqueness by choosing vintage and antique planters, garden seats and accessories.

Your garden is like you an expression of what you are and fee and think, just like you're home except possibly more people see your garden, adding height by using an obelisk to grow plants up, or an old bicycle or in my garden I have large torchers candles and and cast metal window frames which with carefully add mirror glass, make sure dull enough birds don't hurt themselves. Mirrors add depth and space to a garden and actually even indoor mirrors will last a fair time outdoors and give a great faded spender look even as they age in the garden.

Of course statures and a like at interest add a full stop or a conversation to an end of a path or journey around the garden, many antique items work great for garden decoration even tea pots and a like.

By adding items such as cooking pots or tea pot in groups of 3 or 5 always odd numbers add a little micro climate and oasis for say sedums or similar to get a foothold and as they mature the receptacles will become apart of the tapestry of the garden.

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