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Happy Days At Top Banana!!

August 20, 2018

Happy Days At Top Banana!!
It may surprise you to hear that not all days at Top Banana are filled with Champagne and Rainbows, we can have some tough days and it's not always easy to greet the world with a smile on your face.  However we have more good days that bad days and last Saturday was a great day, the Top Banana Team was busy from start to finish we had a great sales day, selling all sorts of items for virtually all our dealers.  The shop was filled with positive happy energy and deals being done left right and centre.  We like to have fun with our customers as well as spoiling them with free coffee and great deals.  We have certainly noticed an upsurge in business over the last two weeks and long may it continue.  Our hard working dealers bring fresh stock into Top Banana so don't worry there is still plenty of great stock to buy.

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