Happy Customers & Happy Dealers.

June 09, 2021

Happy Customers & Happy Dealers.

I was in Top Banana this weekend updating my cabinets and it was wonderful to see and hear so many happy customers and happy dealers.

There are certain things that we took for granted before the pandemic and there is just something special about the sound of customers and dealers happily chatting away that brings back a smile to our faces.

That sound of customers and dealers sharing their passion and excitement for all things antique and vintage was the perfect soundtrack to a wonderful sunny weekend.

The continued return and growth of customers visiting Top Banana  means that Bella Rose Vintage has now been able to expand into a fourth cabinet where even more unusual and eye-catching examples of Mid Century West German Ceramics will be on display soon.

Every day I look for the different, unusual and exciting pieces of WGP so that the four cabinets always have a diverse range of sizes,shapes, colours and makers in them.

I hope that when you visit Top Banana there will be something in my cabinets that grabs your attention but just take a moment to stop and listen to that wonderful sound of customers and dealers happily chatting away because its so good to hear.

Justin Pike (Bella Rose Vintage)

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