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Good solid value

November 13, 2020

Good solid value

We all know that pound for pound antiques represent great value, certainly when quality is taken into account, let alone the uniqueness and patina and feel of longevity.

Great news for the youngsters, by this I mean anyone under age of 30, are buying and buying lots of great value antique and vintage furniture and accessories, especially glasses decanter silver plate all the stuff we used to sell over and over. 

When you see a chest of drawers like this, its represents over 200 years of use, by the fact its here it proves it has legs, ie will go on and on. This can be a family heirloom and handed on to the next generation, mind soon flats may be smaller than this chest of draws, but at least then you would have a 5 storey duplex flat using the drawers as 6 different rooms maybe, so win win all the way round, Funny thing with Ikea furniture, whilst often a great price and often good looking, it wont move house as it ends up a pile of firewood when you try to move it funny enough not very good firewood unlike this solid oak item.

They say buy cheap, buy twice, mind you this chest is inexpensive £280 go to Oak Furniture Land see if you can match this, we have modern chest by blah blah, new cost £885 again our price £280 and this is a decent quality modern item.

My Barbour jacket is 30 years old been repaired by Barbour twice costing very little and has out lasted 6 of the cheaper versions, as we say buy cheap quality buy twice.

Other brands available.


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