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Fresh Blood at Top Banana!

August 22, 2018

Fresh Blood at Top Banana!

We have recently had some new young dealers join us here at Top Banana, James Ribbons selling quality antique furniture and decorative items and Sam Wexham selling jewellery.  As well as new dealers our new member of staff Edd (who is also a dealer) has an exciting cabinet full of vintage electronics and other 20th century marvels, this is a whole new field of "Antiques" for us and they are selling really well.

  Whilst many of our dealers have been with us for years, and we hope they are with us for many years more, we do love it when new and especially young dealers join us at Top Banana.  If the antiques trade is to have a long future we need young dealers coming into the trade with new ideas and new perspectives.

So if you or someone you know is interested in getting into the Antiques trade please get in touch with us.  Unfortunately we don't have any rooms available at the moment but we do have a small number of cabinets and shelves selling space available.  Our single cabinets start at £50 per month and our double cabinets and spaces start at £100 per month.  We also charge 2.5% commission on sales, the lowest rate we have ever heard of in the Antiques trade.   Also we are open seven days a week 363 days a year and our experienced staff will work hard on your behalf to sell, sell, sell!

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