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Fine table ware

August 27, 2020

Fine table ware

We all know antiques represent great value generally compared to the new equivalent,Silver plate is no exception old silver plated items especially table ware items,offer great quality with a quality feel and look,making the most humble dinning table literally shine.

Using things like a ham leg handle add theatre and style to any table, there are so many items such asparagus tongs,lobster picks,oyster spoons.Sterling Silver pepper and salts add style to any table for 50 to 60 gbp, plated items 20 gbp. Quality silver plated cutlery is such great value & fun to use adding quality & opulence for very little cost,at home I use daily, things taste nicer & old steel knives cut alot better.

For very little one can have water jugs,vegetable tureens,trays,coaster the list is endless.A good test is to blow on high point to see is excessive wear to plate a little is fine.

We have many dealers offering good qualitly items in Top Banana 

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