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Fancy being on a treasure hunt every day

April 16, 2024

Fancy being on a treasure hunt every day

That's why most of us do it, by do it one means antiques dealing, what else would drive you out in the rain and frost at 3am to drive 120 miles to a muddy field. But the endless quest for treasure. Believe me treasure is still there to be found, in the most unlikely places too often the scariest poshest antiques shop can be the place to find a real gem.

I could run and endless list of bargain I know have come out of Top Banana one started at £1500 and ended up at £450,000 and it really did a small item of furniture. A humble gold club selling for £7 making over £2000 and a lovers eye box for a fiver. Tempting to bore the readers I wont.

Anyway we are addicts for certain @topbananaantiques but we also have too and are keen to sell so win win for the trade buyer and collector alike.

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