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Falling in Love with Blue & White Again

September 24, 2018

Falling in Love with Blue & White Again

For the quintessential English look there is noting better than a little bit of Blue and White pottery. Indeed while this staple of the Antiques Trade did sadly fall out of fashion for a few years as we all reveled in our mid-century look, it is nice to see a real resurgence taking place.

Oft you will open a style-conscious homes and interiors magazine only to see a group of blue and white plates tastefully adorned on the walls of their showcased properties.....and why not! What makes the combination of the blue against the white so versatile it is picks up the freshness of the white with the busyness of the blue detailed images.

Since you only need to pay a few pounds for an antique Blue and White plate now there is never a better time to add them to your own decor.

Here at Top Banana we have a VERY wide range of genuine antique Blue and White Wares to suit all looks and tastes............

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