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Ever wondered why .........

February 21, 2021

Ever wondered why .........

You're centre doesn't sell online or if they do they use a third party site which costs a fortune . 

2 reasons one ,running a website is like running a shop its takes hard work dedication and time .Two, most people are not able to deal with administration as selling an item is only a tiny part of the service provided.

We have been hard at it for over 20 years . 

For our dealers for 10 % commission when sold , we deal with all listing free, all packing and packaging free , all issues including the rare breakage covered by us Top Banana Antiques Mall , meaning our dealers bar the very stressful activity of returning green stock label's , have no costs or hassles or indeed anything to do with website. We do it all in house, Again another key issue in house where we are on the case , knowing our dealers stock .

Recently I enquired about 2 items online one came back after 5 days one even though a standard acknowledgement came through to this day never replied. Our eBay sites all have 100% feedback and 5 star ratings not any easy thing to keep up for 12 years , we offer no quibble returns on our website and pride ourselves in quick response to any queries.

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