Dont make life hard work

January 05, 2022

Dont make life hard work

Seems to me (bear in mind I have never had a job) but I have employed many often for 10 years or more. That as generally those who wish to get on it the world work pretty hard, however that does not mean it has to be hard work! By this I mean I chose a job that's my vocation, by this I mean something I want to do and enjoy doing.

We need a new assistant manager, this can be someone with aspirations but we actually want someone who is a self starter, thinks OMG its 4 o'clock and I still have so much to do, and someone who see the antiques business as a career not a job to pay the bill.

I will give you a money back guarantee once trained no day will be the same as the last in fact rarely are 2 hours the same, you literally can serve royalty through the man who lives in the woods in a caravan. Teenagers spending birthday money on their burgeoning collection through to serious American trade spending mega thousands, they all need service and help.

If you want a job where you come to work with a spring in your step rather than an excuse call us 01666 502978 or email let alone your own antiques business under our umbrella and help ask any of current guys how this has worked for them.

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