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Dog walking -meditation or retail therapy

August 08, 2021

Dog walking -meditation or retail therapy

Anyone who has a dog, will know what chatty people dog walkers are, in the middle of my favourite wood or perhaps more important my JTR (Jack Russell Terrier) favourite wood, minding our own business, and of course bumped into another dog walker, got chatting as one does.

Soon came around to what I did for a living as soon as Top Banana mentioned, he not only knew us and was a customer and said without any prompt "Tetbury has become very upmarket now with most of the shops well out of my reach, and some selling huge furniture at huge prices, that really only somebody living in a hall or castle could buy. Top Banana is the only place I can comfortably buy" completely unprompted.

It was great to hear how he saw us as we try so hard to have something for everyone our stock at moment from £1 to £8,500, do look at to see our huge range fresh antiques added every day.

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