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Decorating interiors with antiques

February 27, 2021

Decorating interiors with antiques

A skill which a lot of people are not good at, hence why online shops such as Wayfair and in the old days Habitat did so well, they presented a cohesive look that buyers could aspire too, understand and emulate.

However, you the buyer now can steal ideas and looks forms others by reading life style magazines and particularly social media, people are prepared literally to share their real homes with total strangers, and whilst some of these influencer's etc seem to live in a chaotic, child & puppy filled homes actually, their look is carefully staged to give an overall impression to viewers.

A good place to start is to go for matching colours and or ages.

Don't not be afraid, "I live in a new house antiques wont work", rubbish! Quiet the opposite and industrial table or even really rustic pig bench can work well in plain modern house, they literally are blank canvases mixing styles wont work as well such as Art Deco with Georgian. Except you could have easily Victorian furniture with a large 1970s red parrot on the wall the juxtaposition works well.

An interior design can and will develop, combining colours works well and styles actually are common sense you do not need to be an expert in antiques, you will tend to like a period of design, a lot of this will be influenced by you're age, particularly what you're parents had, generally you hate what they had and love what you're granny had, viva mid-century (1950 to 1970s). Lots of 1950s items will work well with Art Deco, and Arts and Crafts with Victorian or Arts and Crafts with country Georgian. All these styles steal influences from each other the trick is to see how they work with each other. Small groups of things in 3 or 5 work very well.

In my own sitting room I have items spanning 200 years some formal some country, but the formal used to add to the country items by giving contrast.

Dressing a house is fun, and quiet possible to do very inexpensively in antiques, let alone recusing and recycling and protecting for the future.

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