Antiques Dealing is a lifestyle not a job

September 01, 2023

Antiques Dealing is a lifestyle not a job

Its a mistake to look at being self employed antiques dealer as a job, as really unless extremely lucky you wont make a realistic living in a 7 hour day with lunch and tea breaks.

An old adage is find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.

However you never need to be sat in rush hour traffic, or commute or ever have to do anything you don't want too.

If you collect you are effectively earning a living whilst building your collection of treasures. Selling things you like and add to your own personal look means your never really carrying stock, of course helps if your taste fits in with currents trends.

Many really good dealers have come from backgrounds with no antiques at all and humble beginnings but a sharp brain focused on learning and seeing what sells catches on and quickly climbs the ladder.

Obviously joining a good shop like Top Banana Antiques where you can benefit from others hard work and experience. is 24 years old has grown organically from repeat clients, as a dealer you need to be spending all your time sourcing good stock and having a good team selling for you and dealing with customers and shipping deliveries means as a smaller business you have time to do what your best at.

But you need to be on it and chasing and I would suggest to find juicy stock the internet is great but not the only way forward the easier it is the more competition you'll have.


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