Collecting antique & vintage books

February 13, 2021

Collecting antique & vintage books

As with all things condition is important, no split spines or pages missing, and the terror of little children scribbling inside.

The inside preface page will have details of when published and weather first edition etc, a first edition normally says just a date occasionally first edition but not always, and if say 4th edition it will have the previous info printed with numbers and dates.

Often cherished copies got leather bound in the 20th century so be aware of this as original cloth cover worn out, and with post 1930s editions often these will have a dust jacket a paper, often colourful with pictures to cover the cloth book itself, for enjoyment purpose not important but for investment purposes definitely will affect value.

People often say these days with google and Wikipedia who needs a book for reference, well all I can say is the click of a mouse will not satisfy either your hunt for knowledge or satisfaction of  finding it, fear a home without books is just a house. 



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