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Collecting antique and vintage charms

February 17, 2021

Collecting antique and vintage charms

These days for a collection of antique charms you do need deep pockets as most older charms particularly in gold tend to be £150 to £250, and of course those of you in the know, will be well aware how well you're investment has grown over the last 20 years would out strip almost any other investment, heart and enamel charms particularly in gold have risen and risen in price. Of course now hard to find, we still get them but only one or two a month.

Silver charms present a lower capitol investment, you can get a great vintage charm for as little as a fiver with good articulated charms often only been £10 or so, of course rarer ones will achieve more and commercial subject such as a blue tit on a milk bottle etc.

Of course collecting takes many forms, personally I think best to collect and age and type, say hunting or animals or vehicles, eggs etc or indeed makers such as CHIM,Thomas L. Mott, Nuvo, Toby or another nice touch is hallmarked charms, common sense but opening charms need to open and close well, can sometimes be tweaked to make them work but be careful. Keep an eye on condition.

Due to the turbulent last 20 years several recessions runs on metal prices etc, a lot of charms have come onto the market and a lot I fear will of been lost for ever. Definitely there is a scarcity to them now in both gold and silver, I see less and less turn up at Top Banana Antiques, great thing to collect such a lot of detail in a precious metal or form for really very little money. 

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