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Cheers! Toast an Occasion with Top Banana

June 28, 2017

Cheers! Toast an Occasion with Top Banana

Our location in a big old house here in Tetbury is highly relevant to the subject of todays blog.  It stands in New Church Street attached to the old brewery buildings in Hampton Street. It was in fact the Brew Masters house, and the building gos back a few hundred years to the days when it was safer and more common to drink beer on a daily basis than water straight from a well.

There are in fact in Gloucestershire many new 'micro' breweries that have been started in response to the demand for authentic locally brewed real ales.

Apart from beer the other most common alcholic drink in England  was Gin, first imported from Holland in the 18th century, this would eventually become the most British of drinks 'Gin and Tonic'.  Hogarth in 1751 illustrated the virtue of drinking home brewed beer as opposed to the evils of consuming the 'foreign' spirit  'gin' in a pair of prints 'Beer Street' and 'Gin Lane'.

Whatever your tipple we have here at Top Banana a huge selection of drink related items. Pictured is a very rare 18th century leather Toby Jug.  However for daily use we have an elegant  silver wine funnel as used by the Butler to fill the Master's decanters, many sets of beautiful drinking glasses (perfect for a special gift), or for the lovers of authentic vintage pieces to put on tne drinks tray, a 1960's soda syphon.


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