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Chachka- we sell lots

February 16, 2021

Chachka- we sell lots

Some of you will know what this means some wont, in essence treasured items that are normally kept in a little box.

Chachka a yiddish word originally meant trashy gimmicky low quality items such a cracker type gift etc, recently had a rare colour Czechoslovakian glass cracker toy make over £250.

So a lot of the charms in gold and silver we sell , as well as jewellery cover the childlike coveted treasured treasures that most of us like to have and cherish and are handed on with great pride by grannies to their daughters and granddaughters. Perhaps in these multi gender times they should be handed more onto boys as well, perhaps boys should wear more jewellery, maybe a subject for another blog fear not clever enough to write it.

Anyway back to chachka these little bauble make life just that little bit more special who need a diamond ring, well no one really except without treasure life would be a little bit less special.

Let alone one can have a beautiful box to keep such things in too, making it win win for enjoying quality and collecting, and only a collectors knows the true satisfaction of sourcing and acquiring a new chachka for one collection being big or small.


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