Cash not a four letter word

June 30, 2022

Cash not a four letter word

As mentioned before, a lot of us @topbananaantiques have been in this game for a long time, and its funny when people buy these days nearly always use card, when they sell they nearly always want cash, filthy stinking covid spreading cash.

Why ? 100% fact any item you buy in cash, or bank transfer, card will have a receipt issued at time of sale and every single halfpenny will be electronically accounted for. People like cash as its safe, there are no hidden fees, unlike with every single card transaction someone is charging a fee, which is yet another cost.

Also particularly when away at a fair or similar people need cash to buy and sell on the spot, there is not enough time for cheques to clear and most dealers at fairs cant take card payments.

Why when dealers buy on TV do they buy in cash?, because cash speaks of solid commitment to the purchase it cant be cancelled, charged backed or similar, we recently lost a chargeback on a card even though client contacted card provider saying he had made an error, he as a regular decent client & has now paid us again but of course money tied up for weeks.

Cash works it may sometimes get a better deal too as no fees involved or of course banks charge to handle cash, but normally useful to one of our dealers to avoid yet another cost.

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