Bucellas anyone?

January 31, 2023

Bucellas anyone?

We are sure you all know this is department of port region in Portugal, collecting bottle tickets or wine labels is fun and interesting.

We have some rare ones at moment, Arrac, a strong spirit from Sri Lanka and India, Mushroom, which actually is for mushroom ketchup, Cayenne for Tabasco like cayenne / hot sauce and many many more even had a vintage 1970s plonk recently.

Just have a look in sterling silver section, of course many are made from steel enamel and pottery too. Shrub is another rarer one a type of piquant sauce made from tamarinds and spices.

Adds a bit of class to a decanter and of course save mixing up your Beaujolais with your claret or ruby from your tawny.

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