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Brilliant or not?

August 23, 2020

Brilliant or not?

A brilliant diamond has 58 facets or 58 faces each facet is designed to catch the light and make the diamond sparkle. There are many types of cuts and stone types, Several pictured above,cushion cut,brilliant cut,tablet or table cut,emerald cut,pear shaped,or marquise or old /mine cut,baguette and princess cut.

These all have there place, some are fashion related but mostly related to making the best use out of the stones as by nature diamonds are expensive and not to be wasted and the diamond merchants want to get the best amount of value and clarity out of their stones.

Diamonds are sold in colour grades, this takes years and an expert to learn they are graded from a to z , z been worst a been best , however the best diamonds rarely grade about d,these really been of the highest grade and colour,a lot of Victorian stone will be around the h grade in colour,basically the more inclusions in the stone the less good the refractive qualities will be, in essence they will shine less.

Dont go for size girls , quality over quantity every time and beware of pave set salesmen, stating over a carat of diamonds when tiny chips,yes a carat is worth money but less so when tiny stones.

Diamonds are sold in carat weight a carrat stone will weigh approx 0.55g.and have table or spread of about 5 mm. again approx.Bear in mind a carrat is weight not size so often the table or face is only an indicator of size as the depth of stone needs to be taken into account.


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