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Bored of chocolate and limp roses

January 14, 2022

Bored of chocolate and limp roses

We have for VALENTINE'S DAY some really amazing Victorian sentimental items, of hearts by the truck load, from £1 to £1000, in gold, silver, lapis, agate you name it.

Perhaps for the person in your life a standard shop brought Valentine gift just wont cut it, how many teddies and red hearts that everyone has are still treasured next year, buy a heart locket in 9ct gold or silver and will be used forever, we have hundreds of suitable items & not just hearts.

Search on for a suitable one off unique special gift that wont have been seen by all her/his friends in the previous week. Buying/investing in ones future rather than into a transient all too fleeting box of chocolates, indeed why not trade up small silver bon bon dish £20 to £30, £5 to £10 in silver plate add a few truffles jobs a good un. Let alone all the fantastic pretty china and porcelain items that often cost very small sums and are antique and unique.

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