Blue & White Transfer Ware

August 01, 2020

Blue & White Transfer Ware

Up until the 1790s all china was either glazed or hand painted and then over glazed with clear glaze, the Chinese were the most competent finding all way of fixing different glazes and doing fine hand painted wares. Towards the end of the 1790 makers such a Joshua Heath, Caughley Leeds, Worcester, started copying the Chinese style by doing similar hand painted designs a little bit later the ubiquitous willow pattern or blue willow came in to tremendous popularity inf act still is pretty popular my mother still uses antique willow china as her Dailey china, and now quite frankly is so cheap its viable to have nice pottery and use it  . Recently our house clearance guy sold a bunch of blue willow dinner plates all perfect and 100 years old for 3 GBP a piece, funny enough wisely snapped up by a local hotel in Bath for use .

I digress, so about 1800 , most of the Staffordshire potteries such as Spode, Copeland, Rogers ,found a way of doing artist quality engraving on a transfer, which meant they could mass produce pottery for the smarter middle and upper class houses, often doing country scenes with bucolic views with more often or not a local famous country house such a Nuneham Courtney in Oxfordshire or Windsor castle etc .This has become a very popular collecting field , in last 15 years as collecting in general waned falling out of fashion , however definitely since lock down , a term that describes a massive change in our perceptions and values , collecting ,nesting buying selling acquiring all seems to be gaining momentum, where people want homes , not hotel rooms in their homes . funny enough judging by the number off hotels buying from us they too have caught onto this too.

Generally, people collect types like parkland scenes or Indian sporting series , transport , animals , the infamous Durham ox , a classic prize-winning beef bull with his proud owner often being the must have plate. This utilitarian pottery is very attractive works well in any house even a brand new house , it's fun to discover about the country house on the plate and in fact a lot of these houses today are owned by national trust and can be visited , and of course then you can go online and find you're local antiques shops to visit in a different area as part of you're day out

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