Arts & Crafts a way of life, more than a movement

February 17, 2022

Arts & Crafts a way of life, more than a movement

Like so many things in life the Arts and Crafts movement was an antidote to modern life at the time. Due to the Victorian skills of industrial manufacture the movement sought a return to individually made items normally by hand, and literally wrought, beaten and planished from copper, brass & iron and hew from local timber such as English oak.

As an aside to the mass produced in the 1890s after the straight lines and semi formal of the aesthetic and Japenesk periods, most items to start off with were organic flowing designs as the new century progressed and as the movement headed toward Art Deco period in the 1920's became more stylised in design.

Female forms particularly as of the time with free flowing long hair and sexy curving lines of flowers and branches etc intertwined with young nymph like woman in flowing clothes and hair. Bear in mind at time hair was always either hidden by mop caps or hats or if showing always tied up neat and formal and of course clothes too were waisted tight and formal. I suspect some almost considered it risky.

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