Ark Angel has met with Saint Peter

May 02, 2023

Ark Angel has met with Saint Peter

Denny Leroy a legend in the decorative antiques trade, has sadly packed up his stand for the last time. I personally have known Denny and his brother since 1980, when I was 16 years old, and our paths have crossed ever since.

I first met Denny at Angel Arcade in Camden passage, where he and his brother had one of the top shops called "at the sign of the Ark Angel" he possessed a brilliant decorative eye, and used to scour the south of France for all the English antiques that had that special Denny look.

After buying a smallholding in the Forest of Dean, Denny arrived at my house offering help, as he owned the house across the valley.

Denny then moved to Burford, Oxfordshire and was a regular visitor to my trade warehouse at Andoversford, Gloucestershire.

Ark Angel Antiques was opened in Tetbury, the home of Top Banana Antiques, where Denny always with out any doubt, with the aid of Arthur, always presented the best looking shop window in town.

We were very pleased to have him join our shop, he was with us off and on throughout our 21 years trading until ill health made it hard for him.

We will miss him and his boyish enthusiasm for the trade.

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