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Apparently 10 years on Twitter today

November 21, 2022

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Well certainly time fly's when having fun, seems to be a a year of anniversary's this year Top Banana Antiques being 20 et al.

Personally I now have being doing Twitter as manager for 2 years, in that time we have grown from 1200, followers to 11,200 previously we paid a specialist to do it. Which proves everything we all already knew, anything and especially any business has to be run from the heart.

This means why we have not only survived the last twenty years we have thrived and our antiques business has changed beyond recognition but those of us who love it love it and know that there is still a great exciting business out there, one of our dealers had a coffee pot for sale in our shop for £15 no lid cracked and broken but 18th century it sold in auction for £75,000 FACT. Recently another early piece of china turned up too, watch this space as meant to be a real rarity, golf club sold for £7 made £2500 and there are many many more. All brought from Top Banana

Not that antiques are or should be all about money, but pitting oneself against to the world and getting right is the greatest pleasure, owning something fabulous even for a short time is an honour and a thrill. Adding to one collection is a pleasure and a need,this is what drives us and supply nice people with nice things they want and desire is the cherry on top.

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