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Antiques merry go round

November 11, 2022

Antiques merry go round

Last month Ark Angel left us, in the last Twenty years they have been in an out about 6 times, as now 83 years old maybe time to throttle back.

We like some movement, as it gives us a chance to improve what we do, repaint and represent, on the whole we rarely put rents up, even though we are constantly being pushed by increasing costs, we prefer to make our money through sales.

3 Months ago a dealer, very specialised, came back to us, previously, 10 years before he was the only dealer with the unhappy accolade not to have taken a penny at our shop. However 10 years on hes back and doing really well.

Michelle Young again is coming back to us after about an 8 year gap, before she did mostly Chinese decorative antiques. Now shes found a new niche with quality cutlery and glass. All items if you think about it are used by all of us every day.

Different premises can make a difference as does of course having a good website, but really commercial stock at the right price is what counts. Utopia is rarely around the corner.

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