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Antique & vintage glass just the best value ever (decanter in picture £38 free post)

June 01, 2021

Antique & vintage glass just the best value ever (decanter in picture £38 free post)

We sell loads of cut glass for £5 to £60 a set, new equivalent cost £60 each glass. Good singles costing £2 to £5, decanters from £5 even some fine Georgian ones for as little as £20.

In the shop we will offer you approx 100 decanters, not because they don't sell because they do sell, a lot of our clients now are teenagers and younger people in their twenties who since lockdown, want to make drinking more fun stylish and have a sense of occasion. 

Our house clearer has left due to ill health but Jamie Gibbs in the glass room in attic has great selection, as does Cosas del Passado, nearly every dealer has a selection of good quality glass for great prices let alone vases and bowls etc.

This glass often is named such as Waterford, Stewart, Wedgwood, Doulton, Dartington, we recently sold a Dartington decanter in box for £20, new price £300, we have via Alington Antiques a decanter by Waterford for £150 new price £750.

Many smart restaurants hotels and boutique hotels come and buy this glass from us regularly to add style and panache plus instant quality too there premises.

Join the smart crowd who know value, and want is on trend now, preriod glasses in odds all the range and such great value too.

We also sell fine period 18th century glass too via Jannette Hayhurst, look on website for many examples, will cost less in shop due to postage and so much choice too.


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