Antique and Vintage Lighting.

August 17, 2016

Antique and Vintage Lighting.

Today's interiors vary hugely in style more so now than ever, people love to put their own stamp on a room, rather than follow a tend of fashion as in the past.  An important feature and very much a signature to the rest of an interior is lighting.  Once a 'mood' has been established it is time to have fun with 'feature' lighting.

Here at Top Banana we have a whole range of different periods and looks.  If you want an Industrial look we have a lamp made from an old hand drill (pictured below), strangely elegant in it's simplicity.

As for a flavour of Art Deco the simplest little table lamp featuring a stylish Art Deco peacock is just the thing.

The traditional Anglepoise is always a classic for the study, we generally have several examples, all styled in different ways; coloured or re-mounted for a fresh look.

For a cottage interior a brass lamp in the Arts & crafts 'Pullman' style is both decorative and functional.

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