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Antique and Vintage Boxes.

August 10, 2016

Antique and Vintage Boxes.

Before the invention of modern cleaning apparatus like the vacuum cleaner and modern tight fitting glass windows most houses were in a constant battle with dirt and dust which no amount of sweeping and dusting could irradiate.  Therefore if you wanted to keep your belongings clean and nice then you had to keep them in a box, coffer or trunk.  This is why there are so many antique boxes of all shapes and sizes still around today.  Like this beautiful bent wood Scandinavian example.

Boxes are still an attractive and practical storage solution today, if one half of a relationship is in a constant battle against 'clutter' as is often the case (you know who you are) why not invest in a display of various boxes which look attractive and hide a multitude of sins and keep everybody happy.

We always have a large selection of boxes in different styles and materials, from the very small trinket boxes, to jewellery boxes and sewing boxes.  Perhaps the most common box we have is the Tea Caddy but these deserve a blog all of their own.  We also have a large array of coffers and trunks but you will find those in our furniture section.

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