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All the fun of the fair or maybe not

November 17, 2021

All the fun of the fair or maybe not

We all remember then thrill of a large antiques fair, the early start or bad nights sleep in a horrid hotel, worrying about your stock in the van or whether you will have a good or bad day, let alone the weather too hot, too cold, too muddy.

Now more often or not these same fairs are the same sad old regurgitated crap that's sadly damaged more and more, by moving fair to fair by the of worn out dealers offering even more worn out stock.

The problem is so often dealers due to transport costs are limited to an area, i.e. their local area, meaning on occasion the more active trade buyer may encounter the same stock for 3 days on the trot. Recently I encountered a dealer, yes one of the ones with worn old stock "I wouldn't bother bringing fresh stuff here the buyer all want it for nothing", she would rather waste another 2 days doing a fair 100 miles from where she lives and paying out yet again more rent, I assure you at the fair she was at there were buyer with cash ready to spend truthfully she rarely had anything decent.

Actually a well run centre, truly is the cheapest way to sell goods, even more so with us @topbanaanantiques as we have a hard working website offering your goods for free 24/7 with no cost at all unless sold. You can have a space in Top Banana Antiques for as little as £1.25 a day, open every single day.

Unfortunately you will need to carry on wasting costs for a while yet as we are full but worth planning ahead.

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